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Fed up with Spam Callers?

We have had an interesting 24 hours. Since Thursday afternoon until 2pm today we have been plagued with a spammer trying to get information on our energy account. It's amazing how tenacious these spammers are at trying to get every bit of information from you.

They will rotate the caller ID on their calls but in the end their intent became clear and we started to recognise the numbers. So we decided to fight back with a little help from a website that tells you how to deal with such calls.

What you missed from the video was the discussions with the spammer about their in depth sexual performance and also the fact that I was sat on the end of the line completely naked ( I wasn't just for the sake of clarity)!

These companies are trying to extract minutiae of if information from you. To be honest we were initially sucked in as we were in the process of changing our energy supplier but some key elements of their "chat" soon made us realised that they were just in the market to sell stuff.

We particularly liked our rendition of Hello by Lionel Richie and Hanging on the Telephone by Blondie. Not sure our scammer got the point. But 26 phone calls later they have eventually given up.

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