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As an accountancy practice working in and around Bristol we work with amazing clients. As the effects of Covid-19 have lessened on businesses and work is picking up, we have found that our own clients are busier than ever. As they get busier there is an undoubted need for those clients to consider the potential for expansion by taking on new employees. Inevitably they also do not have the time to look at approaching costly recruitment agencies or simply "asking around". Running a small or medium sized business is time consuming enough!

We also recognise that younger people are finding it difficult to find work experience in businesses that offer a level of pay that meets the minimum wage requirements. Many feel disillusioned by being ripped off or not being given suitable training or the ability to get into an apprenticeship scheme.

So we came up with a cunning plan. So that we can help our clients expand we wanted to gather information from individuals that would be interested in working for our clients. The aim is to send out a monthly newsletter to our clients listing some basic details about those who have chosen to register with us. If we can help someone get into a trade that will be of benefit to our clients then we may mark this off as a success.

There are no fees involved. It's just a willingness for us to do something positive in the community as well as help our existing clients.


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