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Everyday common scams and what you could do to prevent being the victim of a scam.

We would like to spread awareness regarding current scams. Whether it's to do with your tax rebates or just a "technical support" scam, they are important things to keep in mind. HMRC will never contact you by e-mail. Microsoft will never ring you to inform you of a virus on your computer. Be wary of new accounts on any social media such as Facebook, make sure they are who they say they are.

If you're unsure of whether something may or may not be a scam, just a quick search on the internet can make a huge difference.

Don't let scammers bring you down, here is a hilarious video in where comedian James Veitch replies to scam e-mails he has received. Remember to spread awareness about modern day scams! (We also do not recommend that you reply to scam e-mails)

And here is a quick joke for you about scams...

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